A little bit about Naus

What is up, and welcome to my world.  My name is Chris Nauslar.  I am a YouTuber, Designer, and hobbyist.  I have designed this site to share a small part of my life with you.  I have many hobbies and get a lot of questions on them.  I will dive into a few of them and answer some important questions.

I am new to YouTube but I can already see how amazing the platform is for sharing my hobbies,  currently my main focus is FPV (first person view) Drone Racing.  This hobby is so much fun, it is like you are in control of a rollercoaster in the air while sitting in the front seat!.  I will be using Youtube to share my experience with FPV, flights, and reviews.

A little bit more about me, I am a full-time Husband, Dad, and IT Network Specialist.  I love technology and computers and build custom setups. I also freelance on the side as a Web Designer and Developer with NausDesign and with any other free time I have I spend it sharing my hobbies with you.

Why I love what I do

Everything I do is to better myself and learn new things, I love this because it also allows me to share it with others and pass information down.  If I am able to get someone else into a hobby like custom computer or FPV and help push them past any learning curves that would of stopped them from learning, then I have done my job!

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